Happy 2021

Further to my CHRISTmas and yearend prayer, let’s look back and learn with 20/20 [sic] some hindsight, to give us some foresight, and prepare us for this year.

During the pandemic, there have been sighs and whines that “the church is closed.” In response, I say:

  1. Do you want cheese with that whine?
  2. The church is not closed. Maybe your church building/facilities are closed.

As we know, church is not an event that is “done.” We don’t “do church.” We are church.

Rather than getting stuck within the four walls in the church building, the pandemic has propelled the church out of the building and to the mission field in the regions beyond at the four corners of the globe, albeit virtually and not physically. This is consonant with the LORD’s instruction to be mission-focused and Spirit-empowered.

As we see the Day approaching, the Church continues to gather to spur one another on toward love and good deeds, encouraging each other, in worship, prayer, preaching, teaching, discipling, fellowship and small group. Whether the church is meeting physically, virtually, or hybrid, we need to reach out and intentionally engage our constituents.

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