Happy Year of the OX

As we draw nigh to the first anniversary of the official announcement of the Covid-19 pandemic, we can reflect and learn from the experiences over the past year.

Check out this recent post from Christianity Today re: embracing the digital age during Covid-19. The article enumerates options that churches have been doing to stream their gatherings online. It offers some tips:

  • Frequently acknowledge and recognize the online participants (i.e., multiple times per segment: welcome/intro, announcement, sermon).
  • Look at the camera (at least 30% of the time) to connect (albeit virtually) with the online participants.
  • KISS – keep it short and sweet.

It also exhorts to leverage social media not just use it. Check out these global metrics re: social networks. It is important to optimize not just utilize it; to propagate not just aggregate; to communicate and transform, not merely disseminate and inform. This requires a strategy and not be enamoured by technology.

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