2020 CHRISTmas Prayer

Dear faithful prayer warriors,

As we come before God with no barriers.

May we be His Gospel message carriers,

To proclaim in excelsis deo Gloria!

A week ago was CHRISTmas Day!

Together we shouted, “Hooray!”

On that very special Holy day,

We lifted up our hands and voices to pray.

Gracious God, our heavenly Father,

Virtually, in Jesus’ name we gather.

Holy Spirit, comforter and sanctifier,

Enable us with gifts and power.

As the Gospel of Luke records,

Mother Mary said, “My soul glorifies the LORD.”

Jesus, this we sing in one accord

For You alone are to be adored.

We come before You to confess

the sins and things we’ve transgressed.

Forgive us and transform us so we don’t regress.

To You we offer our lives to bless.

As we count our many blessings,

We also lift up our thanksgiving,

As a cheerful and generous offering,

With an attitude of gratitude unwavering.

Many answered prayers we celebrate!

Yet we still have needs to supplicate,

So we look to our Great Advocate,

To bring to the Father and mediate.

During the pandemic lock down,

With many things shut down,

Strengthen us to avoid emotional melt down,

And energize us so we won’t be run down.

Strict measures have been imposed,

Which many people have opposed.

Some are very hardnosed,

Yet the CHURCH is not closed.

Buildings are closed but Churches continue to meet,

Although not in person to greet.

Yet we come together for a time of worship so sweet,

Even at home, in front of a computer, and on a comfy seat.

For months we’ve been copin’,

Staying at home and mopin’,

Waiting for when things start to open,

Looking UP to the LORD in our hopin’.

Some have an attitude of doom and gloom,

Whining that they can only meet via Zoom.

So we gather in our virtual room,

Praying and preparing for the time to break out and bloom.

As people from their bunkers are emerging,

Coming together, congregating and converging,

Resulting in more Covid cases resurging,

Demonstrated by the stats which are discouraging.

We pray for those who have to go to work

Be they front liners, first responders, or retail clerks,

Following health and safety measures ‘cuz WFH ain’t a perk.

May we all keep the rules and be smart, and not be a jerk!

We also pray for families with kids returning to school,

May they all comply with the law and obey the rules,

That wearing a mask is … pretty cool,

But not wearing a mask is just playing the fool!

May we wear the mask over our mouth and our nose.

Covering all the sensitive holes.

Making sure these openings are closed,

To protect ourselves, as well as our sis and bro’s.

This past year we’ve gained 20/20 hindsight

Which gives us prudent insight

And offers 2021 foresight

To live under the Spirit’s oversight.

So we’ve wrapped up the year,

May we not be encumbered with fear,

But be filled with joy and good cheer,

As Y2K21 is now here.

We remember no doing without praying,

And no praying without doing.

So in God we are trusting,

And in Jesus’ name we’re saying:


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