Young ppl dropping out of church?!
11:02am - 16/Feb/2019

The LTTV and EFC’s studies report on the phenomenon of young people leaving local churches in Canada. Those treatises pertain to the red and white across the Canadian landscape. This post collates several recent reports re: what’s happening in the red, white and blue south of the border:


·         Christianity Today’s article, “The Top Reasons Young People Drop Out of Church,” reports on the 2017 Lifeway Research Survey

·         LifeWay post, “Most Teens Drop Out of Church When They Become Young Adults”

·         Here is a video summary; here is the report


Bottom line from the LifeWay Research US-based study:

·         2/3 of students who were active in their church during high school no longer remained active in the church between ages 18—22.

·         71% of those 2/3 (above) who dropped out of church had not planned to take a break; i.e., many of those who dropped out did not plan to.

·         4 categories of reasons why young adults stop attending church:

o   Life changes/situations

o   Church/pastor-related reasons

o   Religious, ethical or political beliefs

o   Student/Youth Ministry reasons


Moreover, in Within Reach: The Power of Small Changes in Keeping Students Connected, Ben Trueblood released his analysis re: the differences between those young ppl who stayed and those who dropped out of the church. Trueblood asserts 10 predictors of whether students staying or dropping out of the church after high school:

1.       Adults investing in them between ages 15—18

2.       Regularly reading the Bible privately prior to age 18

3.       Wanting the church to help guide their decisions in everyday life

4.       Agreeing with their church’s political perspective

5.       The youth leader genuinely caring about them

6.       Church members appearing to disapprove of those who didn’t meet expectations regarding jobs, school, marriage, and so on

7.       Parents and student wanted them to attend church

8.       Parents genuinely liking church

9.       Fathers attending church

10.   Not attending a public high school


Also, check out these resources from Barna and Christianity Today:

·         The Real Reasons Young Adults Drop Out of Church

·         How Teens Spend Their After-School Hours

·         Atheism Doubles Among Gen Z

·         Gen Z: Your Questions Answered

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